Cada día me gusta más Instagram. Cada día lo veo más útil a nivel laboral, más enriquecedor incluso a nivel personal, en todo este maremágnum muchas veces vulgar y vacío de las redes sociales. Hoy me ha dado un motivo más para pensar así. No soy de mostrar duelos en público por la pérdida de seres queridos, mascotas, etc. Pero esto que he leído en Instagram me ha tocado la fibra. Enlaces que te llevan de un sitio a otro casi siempre con una lógica positiva, una lógica dirigida por algún súper algoritmo que no alcanzamos a entender, pero que existe. Por lo menos en lo que respecta a mí. Pues bien, leer el dolor de una amiga por la muerte del novio de su mejor amiga, la forma de expresarlo, de sentirlo. Leer lo que dice a su vez ella de su pareja desaparecida… En fin, me ha emocionado. No sé si he conseguido explicarme…

I don't know where to begin. One week ago my best friend @tifforelie lost the love of her life @kappeljamescloninger in a motorcycle accident. He was only 27. He was her partner, her person, and they loved each other fiercely. Their life together was a creative adventure. Publicly I’ve not said anything about it, but privately I’ve been broken hearted all week, weeping every time I think of the friend whose life was cut short and the friend whose heart is breaking in a way I can't imagine. The grief and loss belongs, first and foremost, to her and Kappel’s family. I wasn’t comfortable saying anything here until I had her blessing. Today is his memorial, and I’m heart sick that Matt & I can’t be there. I believe that even the most grotesque of tragedies is redeemable & that healing will come. But right now all I can say is this is horrible, and I wish it hadn’t happened. Tiffany is the one friend I’ve had that I’ve never been afraid of for a second. She doesn’t judge, forgives preternaturally, and has such grace that I’ve never felt the need to hide from her, even when I was at my worst & times were darkest. I know what her love feels like because I’ve felt it, and to be loved by her is a beautiful thing that makes shame dissipate and lets trust flow in. And that basking sunshine kind of love is what Kappel had for the last year and a half of his life. Tiffany has the gift of being able to not lose site of a person's heart, to see past actions and see the wounds they bleed from….and then to try to tend to those wounds. That’s the best kind of love any of us could ever hope for because we all have wounds, and we all need someone to be tender with them, not judge them. I’m so grateful Kappel had that. And I’m grateful she had him, and I wish she still did. Tiffany is one of the sweetest, strongest people I’ve ever known. I can't stop crying for her pain. No one should suffer this, least of all her. Please send all the love, support, and prayers you have her way. Tiffany, you know this, but I love you and you will always have anything you need from us. I’m so glad you’re surrounded by such love at home, and I can’t wait to throw my arms around you.

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